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Chinese Frame Collection

With its long history, profound cultural connotation and artistic importance, Southern style landscape gardening is the epitome of Chinese landscape garden architecture. The gardens from Suzhou are considered the crème de la crème throughout the long history of this art form. This year, King Fook Jewellery carries on the tradition by expanding the Chinese Frame Chuk Kam Collection with elements taken from Suzhou’s renowned traditional gardens, combining intricate design motifs and exquisite modern craftsmanship to create the new, refreshing and magnificent Chinese Frame 999.9 Chuk Kam Collection. Taking inspirations from Suzhou style window frames, the bangles, rings, earrings, and pendants of the collection adopt a light and airy form while the openwork design leaves room for elegance to accrue. The pieces are perfect for everyday styling or as a sophisticated touch to dressed-up looks.

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