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    999.99 GoldSellHK$582HK$21,800

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    Price update date: 03/08/2020 09:22:24 (Mon)


  • Twilight Collection

    Twilight Collection pays tribute to the majestic period of the magic hours of the day, in which the atmosphere is partially illuminated by the sun, being neither totally dark nor completely lit. To captures the splendour of this natural beauty, the designer created different dimensions in each jewellery piece through folds and angles. While the looming diamond light is reflected at different levels, the flickering of silver light further enhances the interaction with the folded surface and exerts the ultimate sense of space.

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  • Demoiselle Collection

    King Fook Jewellery has always taken pride in its Chinese heritage and never wasted a moment in celebrating its cultural aesthetics through jewellery design. This time, the jeweller celebrates the beauty of nostalgia by incorporating stunning designs of qipao and oriental purse into its latest Demoiselle collection. The collection features romantic silhouettes of qipao and oriental purse beautifully adorned with diamonds, rubies and sapphires in the form of pendants, bracelets and earrings, which are certain to complement your wardrobe, allowing you to travel back in time and embark on a sparkling journey of nostalgia.

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  • Summer Garden Collection

    “Summer Garden Collection “is inspired from the blazing summer.  Designers breathe life into jewellery pieces by taking cues from dragonflies’ slim and graceful silhouette as well as ladybirds’ pulsating shades. The result is a range of glistening diamond jewellery pieces that boast delicate and elegant design. Thanks to these pieces, outfits will be elevated by eye-catching colours, filled with passion, sparkle and energy.

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  • Past, Present, Future Collection

    To celebrate the new store opening at Harbour City, King Fook Jewellery offers a range of in-house designed jewellery creations based on the theme of “Past, Present and Future”. Featuring a range of versatile and stylish jewellery pieces, the collection is ideal for modern ladies who yearn for unique aesthetics and practicality. With inspiration drawn from the trending icons of different ages, King Fook Jewellery sheds light on the brand’s years of legendary heritage. The design also symbolizes the brand’s pledge to continue to march towards a brighter future with customers.

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    The "CalaBASH Collection" is created with the aim of spicing up the everyday wear with the whimsical silhouette of hulus. Whether it is heading to work, dressing up for parties and dates, chilling out with friends or embarking on a trip, cosmopolitan ladies can embellish their outfits effortlessly with these elegant jewellery pieces. Featuring a plethora of designs, including graceful pearls, sparkling diamonds and splendid sapphires, this collection is perfect to brighten your look in every setting.   

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