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    Price update date: 13/07/2020 09:21:45 (Mon)


999.9 Gold

King Fook Jewellery made its name in producing the purest 999.9 gold in the market, setting the “gold standard”in product quality. Its “double horse” icon has since been well established throughout Southeast Asia as a symbol of quality assurance. Today, King Fook stays true to its trusted heritage in the purity of gold products and reinterprets traditional Chinese art and culture into modern contemporary designs of gold jewellery.

  • Lotus Collection

    King Fook Jewellery is delighted to present the latest Lotus Collection, a range of 999.9 fine gold jewellery pieces inspired by the noble flower in Chinese culture - the lotus. A flower that grows from murky water while staying pure, bursting into an upright, singular beauty, the lotus has long been considered elegant and refined. In this collection, the pure, innocent flower, its seeds, representing the wish for the continuation of the family line with male offspring, and its root - a homophone for the word for 'couple' - are rendered as graceful and stylish gold pieces.

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  • Bliss Collection

    “Bliss” 999.9 gold collection translates traditional art and culture into fashionable and intricate gold jewellery. Inspired by auspicious icons in Chinese traditions, the designer expresses them in contemporary gold jewellery designs for daily wardrobe coordination, fit for the dynamic metropolitan lifestyle of today’s women.

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  • Wedding Collection

    In Chinese traditions, gold jewellery is almost a necessity in wedding ceremony as gold signifies eternal love and loyalty. The purity of 999.9 gold jewellery, denoting genuine sincere blessing, makes it the most favoured wedding gift. Reputed for retailing the purest gold, King Fook’s 999.9 gold wedding jewellery is one of the most popular items for the brides-to-be.

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  • 999.99 Gold Medallion

    King Fook’s exclusive 999.99 gold medallion is the purest gold available in the market. Each year, King Fook produces a commemorative medallion celebrating the Chinese zodiac sign. Designed inhouse and crafted with impeccable skills in Switzerland, it has become one of the most sought after collectibles.

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  • Gold Ornament

    The illustrious history of Chinese art & culture provides endless inspirations for modern aesthetic designs. King Fook translates these traditional values into lifestyle objects for modern day living. From auspicious well-wishing artistic designs to whimsical expressions of subject matters, these gold pieces are both functional and ornamental.

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